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the digital intensive experience for womxn who want to clarify their purpose and make a lasting impact

Changing the world starts on the inside



You have massive dreams for your life, but if you're like most mission-driven women, you likely have this one problem, too.

You are disconnected from the truth of who you really are.

I've been there, too. And I totally get it if:
x You have a vision for your life + career, but something just feels "off"

x You've been hustling, achieving and checking off things on your 'success' list, but you still don't feel fulfilled.

x You wonder how your bright-eyed ambition got replaced with exhaustion

x You want more ease and balance, less multitasking and stress

You're in the right place.

ROOT TO THRIVE™ is the 12-week intensive intended to clarify your purpose, heal your blocks, and ignite your passions in order to lay a strong foundation for your impactful work in the world.

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root to thrive exists to help you be before you do.

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Within the program, you will be guided through the deep transformation required to being a whole, authentic and epic world-changer.

A peek inside the course:
   Connecting To Your Truest Self
   Identifying Your Superpower
   Creative Consciousness
   Embodying Your Dreams
   Setting Your Priorities
   Deep Clarity On Your Vision
   Magic Making
   Embodying Your Truth
and much more!


Imagine what how life with be if you woke up truly energized by you life and work. What if you...

x Experienced so much clarity, you rarely questioned yourself

x Knew how to to listen and love your body as a means of taking care of yourself FIRST

x Lived so sustainability that you never let yourself get stressed to the point of exhaustion + overwhelm ever again

x Overcome the stories + lies that hold you back from your truest potential

You can. And you deserve to.

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Meet your guide

Hi, I'm Hayley Adamski!

The creator + founder of ROOT TO THRIVE™. 

As a former nonprofit executive director turned entrepreneur, yogi and wellness warrior, I bring a graceful blend of non-profit / business acumen with personal alignment, embodiment practices, and spiritual practices to root you so you can thrive. 

I've worked with hundreds of ambitious womxn who are determined to lead successful businesses and careers that reflect their whole selves while driving meaningful impact.

Are you ready for your authentic success experience?

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“I’ve had several coaches over the last decade, many that were good, but none quite like Hayley. My experience with Hayley is something a bit different. She is a very caring and compassionate coaching style. I don’t open up easily and I always wanted (and quickly) opened up to her. I knew she would be supportive and compassionate. Most importantly, for me at least, is her intuitive nature. I’m not as self-aware as I could be, but somehow Haley was able to ask all the right questions, at all the right moments, that allowed me to see things about my situations that changed my perspective and unblocked me from movement. On top of that, she wasn’t afraid to call me on “my stuff.”

— Susan Giddens, Director, Head of Learning and Development, Clinical Operations, Ultragenyx



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