ROOT TO THRIVE™  is the digital intensive experience for womxn who want to clarify their purpose and make a lasting impact.

There are too many womxn who have big dreams and misson-driven ambitions, but also happen to be burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed in their lives. 

I'm on a mission to change this reality.

Over the course of my career, I've helped hundreds of passionate womxn build lives and businesses they love all grounded on the foundation of living in alignment within themselves and their higher purposes. 

It's your turn to live vibrantly, intentionally, and impactfully - are you ready?

hayley adamski

As a former CEO of a nonprofit turned entrepreneur, I know that business success requires more than competence and experience. It also requires that leaders integrate their values into their work. Bringing just a piece of yourself into your work leaves so much potential at the door. I work with ambitious womxn who are determined to lead successful businesses and careers that reflect their whole selves. By leading with pleasure and ease, you actually are doing a radical act. You are redefining how to lead and how to run a business. 

Since the age of 28, I’ve coped with autoimmune diseases that impact my quality of life. For the first four years, I thought my health issues were unrelated to my career decisions. I finally learned how my relentless pursuit of career success had taken a serious toll on my physical well-being. 

Back then, if you had asked whether I was taking care of myself, I would have answered “YES” and shown you a kitchen full of fresh food and gluten-free snacks. I would’ve talked about my yoga practice and shown you my bookcase filled with the best books on mindfulness.

Back then, I worked hard to be healthy. At the same time I was working everything. Especially my career.

My desire to succeed seemed to steamroll right over the top of my desire to be healthy and happy. Something had to change. And, over time, it did. A lot. 

And everything I've learned is what I've poured into ROOT TO RISE™ just for you.

Trained Executive + Leadership Coach

founder + creator

Cofounder of School of Ethical Impact

Masters in community development + nonprofit management⁠

Enneagram 8

2/4 Projector

Passion for holistic living 

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